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Research has found that Cool-Calf Covers™ significantly reduce air temperature, radiant heating, and panting in calves, while helping to improve weight gain, immune function and the comfort of calves.

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Heat Stress


While calves can tolerate slightly higher temperatures than cows, heat stress typically sets in at air temperatures above 80°F, especially if humidity is also high. 

To keep themselves cool, calves must utilize energy  they don’t have stored, which normally supports the immune system and growth. This shift in resources can slow growth and leave calves defenseless against any pathogens in their environment.

Signs of heat stress include:

  • Reduced movement
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Increased respiration
  • Open-mouthed panting
  • Decreased feed intake
  • Increased water intake

How To Buy

Heat Stress Aid


Minimum Order quantity is one roll, which contains 15 covers + Mounting Hardware packed in 1 box.

Note: Covers are not sold individually and are only available in rolls of 15 or 50 covers per roll. All rolls come with installation instructions and hardware.

Please call for pricing and distribution in your area: (760) 529-4070 x101



What and Why


Air temperature in hutches as they are heated by the sun, often reaching 113 – 116°F on clear days, even with a breeze. Moving hutches under shade cloth or under buildings eliminate the benefits of the sun in drying out pens and hutches and decreasing pathogens.  Exposure to sunshine is what has helped make hutches the “gold standard” for raising calves, and these covers keep the sun from heating them up.

A very popular brand of hutches has a emissivity (inverse of reflectiveness on a 0 to 1 scale) value of 0.84, which is why they heat up so much when in the sun.  A Cool-Calf Cover™ has an emissivity of 0.08 - 0.09, which indicates it is highly reflective . Studies found that the inside ceiling peak temperature over 21 days was significantly (P<0.001) less in hutches with reflective covers (99.5°F) than hutches without reflective covers (106.9°F).  Not only do the high temperatures of the ceiling and walls heat the air, but the hot surfaces also emits radiant heat that contributes to a calf’s heat load. 

About Us

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Our Story

 Cool-Calf Covers™ are a result 8+ years of university research and testing by Dr Ted Friend at Texas A&M University.  What he found was that plastic calf hutches sitting in the sun can get a lot hotter than ambient temperature, and putting calves into buildings loses the beneficial effects of sunshine that help make hutches the “gold standard” for raising calves.  Research has found that Cool-Calf Covers™ significantly reduce air temperature and black globe temperatures in hutches, which can significantly reduce panting in calves, help improve weight gain, and improve immune function and the comfort of calves.

Help us, Help You- Reduce Heat Stress by insulating your Calf Hutch.


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